Portable PA Amplifier Speakereless


ให้เช่า Portable PA Amplifier Speaker 2-Way 10 inch 120 Watt (Class D) เครื่องขยายเสียงเคลื่อนที่ 120 วัตต์ พร้อมไมค์ลอยย่าน UHF 2 ตัว

ราคา ตัวละ 1,500 บาท


The Tempo PMA1020 portable PA system is a completely selfcontained mobile sound system which is battery-powered and hence set up in seconds even in environments far from any AC supply.
The 10’’ woofer and a separate compression driver offer pristine sound quality also for music reproduction,an area of general weakness with other portable sound systems.

Technical specification

   2-way active speaker system with 10’’ LF woofer and 1’’ HF compression driver
   Vented acoustic design
   120 Watts amplification power (on AC operation – 80W on DC operation) 
Color Temperature: 8000K
   Power-efficient and battery-saving class D amplifier
   3-channel internal mixer with 2xMic/Line mono inputs and one stereo line input
   Stereo Line input switchable between internal media player, external RCA input or external 3.5mm TRS inputi inputtput: 3 Cores XLR
   2-Band EQ for master
   Internal UHF wireless microphone receiver with 16 switchable channels (2nd receiver optional)
   Handheld wireless UHF microphone transmitter with 16 switchable channels included (2nd optional)
   Internal Reverb processor for microphone inputs
   Super silent
   8-facet prism with zoom function
   Blue LCD display
   Color Wheel: 14 Color + White, Single rotation rainbow effect
   Models changing ( Full color and half color operating)
   Gobos: 17gobos + white, Double rotation rainbow effect
   Strobe: 13 t/s, free strobe and Pulse strobe
   Transducers : LF 10’’ woofer, HF 1’’ compression driver
   Power (AC operation) : 120W RMS
   Power (Battery operation) : 80W RMS
   Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kH
   Batteries : 2x12V/5Ah Lead Acid
   Operation time (Battery operation) : <12h