Follow Spot Pro

เช่า Follow Spot Pro FS 15R

Professional follow spot with powerful 330W Philip 15R Platinum Controlled via included control board or by DMX-512 (3 DMX channels). Shutter with strobe effect, 0-100% dimmer, 0-100% motorized iris, , motorized focus, suitable for 20 to 80m distance. Widely used for studio ,stage, fashion show ,nightclubs, large stadiums etc.

ราคา ตัวละ 2,500 บาท


The PRO FS 15R Follow Spot from Elation Professional is powered by a Philips 300W MSD Platinum 15R lamp. The follow spot has 7 motorized interchangeable dichroic colors and mechanical dimming capabilities. This unit is manually operated and features adjustable iris, shutters for manual framing, and focus. The PRO FS has a 5.5 to 12° zoom range. The follow spot can be used in any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer and to vary beam size, quality, and color. A flight case and a floor stand are included.


   Manual focus, frost filter, framing shutters, and iris
   Stepless CTO filter
   3 facet rotating prisms
7 motorized interchangeable dichroic colors + white
   Remote panel control for motorized colors, dimming, and CTO
   Mechanical dimming 0%-100%